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Fordax will help you find the right tools and resources for personal and business growth!

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Fordax is one of the fastest growing corporate training, coaching and consulting companies in Nigeria. Although the company had started since 2013, it was officially inaugurated as Fordax on February 2017. What started as a movement for helping people find tools and support for growth, is what grew to become the powerful force known as Fordax. To us, Fordax means the fusion of grit and strategy for personal and business success. We are dedicated to offering tremendous value to all clients in all our businesses.

Our vision is to become the go-to company for organizations and individuals looking for resources, strategies and support for personal, professional or business growth.

Fordax offers you the opportunity to...

1. Equip your team with competitive skills

We offer courses on public speaking, leadership development, digital marketing, customer service delivery, negotiation skills, human relationship skills etc

2. Get cutting edge strategies for growth

As a leader or entrepreneur, you don't have to take the journey alone. We offer advisory and strategic consulting services to help you get ahead.

3. Increase sales and business revenue

We help entrepreneurs and businesses to create powerful marketing strategies by implementing unique marketing and business growth ideas.

Our businesses:


Fordax is your trusted growth partner all the way – whether you want to empower your people, equip them for maximum performance or simply arm them with the right tools and kicks for success.

We provide training on public speaking  & presentation skills, sales & persuasion skills, digital marketing courses, leadership development and business growth strategies.


We provide social media advertising to busy clients and ambitious companies looking for reliable team of marketers to work with them. We help clients create and implement advertising campaigns to achieve their business goals.

We build dynamic websites and provide other internet services such as:

  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ad
  • Instagram Ad
  • Google Ad
  • Copy writing
  • Graphic Design


At Fordax, we believe so much in business and entrepreneurship. We provide opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to learn and equip themselves for the interesting world of business and financial success.

Our Business School offers students the opportunity to learn and master the skills, disciplines and tools for starting, managing, growing and scaling a business. Our courses cover the core business areas such as startup ideas, finance, marketing, sales, leadership, management, human resources, creativity and innovation etc.


Empower your people with leadership and human relationship skills for corporate success.

Our leadership programs are designed to help individuals groom themselves into responsible leaders who are able to take initiative, think differently, inspire others, lead organizations and manage resources effectively.

The Growth Circle Entrepreneurs Newtork

Business growth is not by mere chance; it’s often the result of forces working together.

We launched The Growth Circle with the goal to bring budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners together in a community that empowers them.

Each meeting is designed to address some key growth metrics for business.

Fordax Multimedia

Fordax is set to launch its multimedia company through which it creates and distributes visual content that are designed for entertainment and education. Through the media initiative, Fordax will invest in film and media productions, reality TV shows, game programs and other forms of multimedia entertainment activities.   

Fordax is one of the fastest growing corporate training, coaching and consulting companies in Nigeria.

Office Locations:

FORDAX - 2nd Floor -- Olatunji House, Maryland, Lagos

BRIX ACADEMY - #2 Etang Obuli Crescent, Beside Briscoe Motors, Jabi, Abuja