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1 Abuja Public Speaking Club you must join this week

Did you hear about The Abuja Public Speaking Club?

Are you looking for a forum where you can PRACTICE public speaking?

Learning public speaking is pretty much like learning driving or cooking, reading a book or watching YouTube videos won’t take you that far.

I’ve been a public speaking coach for over a decade and here’s the secret to mastering public speaking…

Public Speaking Corporate Training By Fordax
Public Speaking Corporate Training By Fordax

Get up in front of people and speak. Do it more often. Most importantly, do it where you can receive valuable feedback.

There is a big gap between knowing the theory of public speaking and actually giving a speech in public.

The book shops and YouTube channels are full of “how-to” tips and advice on presenting to a group of people.

You may have even attended a one day seminar on how to overcome your fears of public speaking or how to refine your message.

However, the truth is that in order to become a great public speaker and completely obliterate your fears and apprehensions, you need to stand up and talk in front of a crowd… Not a mirror.

The challenge with this singular requirement includes:

  1. Where will I find a public speaking club in Abuja that can help me overcome my stage fright?
  2. Where will I find the audience to stand in front of and speak?
  3. Where will I find public speaking coaches willing to provide feedback and constructive criticisms?
  4. Where will I find understanding, caring and helpful people who can keep holding me accountable as I learn public speaking?


The answer to these questions are found at the Abuja Public Speaking Club organized by Nigeria’s leading public speaking training school, Fordax Public Speaking School.


Join the waitlist here.


Every Tuesday, every week, every month members are selected to speak in front of the audience.


Everyone in the audience has a desire to improve their public speaking skills through practice and group support.

In less than 2 hours, we have an opportunity to listen to speeches and participate in a question and answer session. Members listen, learn, make suggestions, contribute and look out for ways to keep getting better.


This is an on-demand physical public speaking club in Abuja which offers members the following benefits:

Benefits of joining the club

  1. Opportunity to learn public speaking by actually speaking. We create the platform. We bring the people. You take the stage.
  2. Continued practicing. If you have recently had a course on public speaking, it’s time to get better by continually practicing in front of other people.
  3. Group support. The Abuja Public Speaking Club is a small community of 30 in individuals dedicated to refining their voice every month. Each member supports each other.
  4. Feedback and review. Members are allowed to take turns to speak while others listen and make suggestions on how or where to improve.
  5. Networking opportunities. Members get to meet with new people, expand their network or start a new profitable relationship.
  6. Marketing opportunity. Members could talk about their jobs or businesses and even talk about them in their presentations.
  7. Learn new things. As you join the Abuja Public Speaking Club, you’ll watch other members speak on different topics that may educate or inspire you.


Abuja Public Speaking Club
Abuja Public Speaking Club


Join the waitlist here.



What the Abuja Public Speaking club is not:

  1. It’s not a public speaking workshop or seminar. While there will be public speaking coaches and enthusiasts around, the goal of this club is to learn public speaking by actually speaking in front of members.

If you wish to take an intensive certification training on public speaking and presentation skills, check this page out.

  1. It’s not a public gathering. It’s a members-only meeting. And each member pays a monthly subscription fee to remain in the club.
  2. It’s not Toastmasters. Yes, Toastmasters is another great place to learn public speaking. The Abuja Public Speaking Club is designed to respect your uniqueness as an African, an individual and a person who may have divergent views that may be contrary to conventional thinking or practices.
  3. It’s not for people who’re not willing to make little sacrifices. Every greatness in life requires some measure of sacrifice, drive, dedication and commitment. If you’re not the type of person who’s willing to put in some efforts in order to refine your skills, this might not be for you.

That being said, who’s this perfect for:

  1. Someone who wishes to continue making public presentations as a way to continue getting better at public speaking.
  2. Someone who’s looking to watch others present, ask questions and find answers on better ways to master public speaking.
  3. Someone who’s interested in becoming a public speaker, leader, pastor, teacher, coach, influencer, activist, salesperson etc.

Is corporate training right for my company?

If you believe that you’re the person, I’m referring to here, please fill this form so you can join our waiting list.

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