10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes That’s Currently Wasting Your Money

67% of marketers and 93% of social media advertisers are using Facebook ads.

Running a Facebook ad is not as easy as slicing a pie. The first, second and third time I ran an ad, it was a disaster! I ended up wasting the money I put in the ad without any result. 

In my quest to discover what I did wrong, I found out that most people are still making the same mistake. Some boost their post with the intention of running an ad and expecting good results.

No! Boosting a post is very different from creating an actual campaign. In boosting posts, you have limited features of Facebook ads tools. You don’t get to choose from the 3 important objectives which you could have done in your Facebook ads manager. 

We’re going to dissect 10 Facebook marketing mistakes you might not be aware of that you’re making which costs you a lot.



  • Choosing the wrong Objective


Choosing the right objective is essential to the success of your campaign. Facebook has 11 objectives to choose from and Each objective focuses on the particular goal you must have for your campaign. You must find out what you want to achieve with the ad and choose an appropriate campaign objective. 



  • Targeting too broad or lower Audience


When you don’t target the right audience, no matter how great your ad copy is, your ad will be worthless. Everyone is not your target audience and when you try to target everyone, you target no one and end up wasting your money. 


Next time you want to run an ad, use your audience insight to learn more about your audience, their interests, locations and others.



  • Not writing an effective copy


Creating a copy is what converts your prospects. You ask yourself why people are not responding to your ad. Pause and take a look at your content 


Facebook ads are always visual. This implies that your prospects look at pictures first before reading the message. 

That’s why you need to make sure that your image is relevant to your offer. Your ad image should be bright and eye-catching, be of the right size and ratios, devoid of any political, sexual or get-rich-quick elements else Facebook will not approve it. 

Avoid the use of too much text on the ad. Make your message short and clear, otherwise Facebook will disapprove it or in worst case scenario the ad won’t even deliver the right result and you end up spending more money. 



  • Using the Wrong Facebook Ad format


Facebook offers you different ad types to choose from. However, you need to understand your audience to be able to choose the right one.You can also use your Facebook analytics or insights to know the type of content your audience engages with the most.

Here are some of the most popular Ad types:

  • Single Photos/ images 
  • Videos
  • Carousel 
  • Slideshows
  • Mock ups

NOTE: These ad formats have sizes and dimensions recommended by Facebook. Make sure you’re using the appropriate size

There are also different ways to place your ad: Desktop, mobile, audience network. Rather than make assumptions on where to place your ads, allow Facebook to make that choice for you by selecting Automatic placement. Choosing the wrong placement will amount to waste of money and resources.


  • Setting up too low budget or too high budget


Be wise in spending money on your ad. Let it not be too low or too high. Start off on a moderate bid and slowly increase as you get results. Invest only in ads that are working. If you don’t, your spending could spiral out of control.



  • You’re ignoring A/B testing 


If you are serious about online marketing, this is a test you won’t ignore. Unfortunately, most marketers don’t see the need to use this split. Finding an ad audience takes time and effort. Experiment different campaigns and find out what works best. Be Patient.



  • Launching your Facebook ads at random


This is a frequent ad mistake most business owners make. They just publish ads at random. Timing is very important in Facebook advertising/ marketing. That’s why you need to consider the time zone and lifestyle of your audience before you launch an ad. For instance, if your audience are bankers in Nigeria,  your ads have to show from 7pm up when they’re home and resting.



  • Always turning your ad on and off like torch


You’re always quick to turn your ad off and on without giving it proper time to optimize, thinking that constantly changing audience, budgets, and bids is equivalent to making faster progress. 


Yes, you don’t want to waste your money on ads but give it 48 hours before you adjust the campaign. This period allows Facebook to learn the algorithm to know which audience, device and user can get you the most results. 



  • You’re not using Pixel


If you’re not tracking the result of your Facebook ads, please I’m urging you to start. Facebook pixel is a snippet code you attach to a website. It allows you to track visitors that you can re-target through Facebook Ad manager. 



  • Not monitoring your ads


Monitoring is very essential to the success of your campaign. Don’t be that business owner or marketer who sets ads and forgets it. Ads need to be monitored daily, I’m not saying you should go switching it on and off. Regularly check in on the following metrics to ensure your ad doesn’t get out of control:

  • Ad frequency
  • Relevance score
  • Click-through-rate vs. conversion rate
  • Number of leads
  • Ad performance by placement
  • Clicks by interest



Achieving success in your Facebook campaign lies in how well you understand your target audience. It’s paramount that you do research on your audience, use data, and pay attention to your ad. Facebook ads yield a good ROI when done right and promotes fast growth in business.

If for any reason you still find it difficult getting it right, we can help you achieve your business marketing goals without stress. All you need to do is send us an email or give us a call to speak with a marketing consultant.


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