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Public Speaking is the act of performing a speech to a live audience.

Public speaking is commonly understood as formal, fact-to-face speaking of a single person to a group of listeners.

Traditionally, public speaking was considered to be part of the art of persuasion.

There are so many public speaking schools in Nigeria. This article will be taking a brief look at the popular public speaking schools in Nigeria.



Fordax Public Speaking School (Formerly, The Speech Masters Academy) is a result driven public speaking and presentation skills school with professional courses in Lagos and Abuja. The School has its headquarter in Maryland, Lagos.

Fordax holds their public speaking programs in other cities like Awka, Warri and Uyo. The school has a solid reputation as one of the leading presentation skill training schools in Nigeria. The School website address is https://fordax.com.ng/academy/




  • Poise Nigeria Limited:


Poise Nigeria Limited is a public speaking school located in Lekki, Lagos State.  Poise Nigeria has an experience of 19 years in the area of public speaking. They’re a brand name when it comes to public speaking.  Mrs. Ebele Chukwujama is the CEO of Poise Nigeria Limited. The website address of Poise Nigeria Limited is https://poisenigeria.org/



  • Royal  Centre For Public Speaking:


Royal Centre for Public Speaking is located at Victoria Island, Lagos State with a training venue in Ghana. Royal Centre for Public speaking offer courses like 1-on-1 coaching course, group courses and an in-house training.  You can visit the website of Royal Centre for public speaking online at https://www.royalcentreforpublicspeaking.com/



  • Live Speech:


Life speech is a school that teaches presentation skills and public speaking skill. Life school is located in Lagos with programmers in Abuja and other part of the country. Life school is located at Lekki, Eti Osa, Lagos State. http://www.livespeech.org/ is the website of Life Speech.



  • Richmond Johnson Academy:


The first public speaking school on this list is the Richmond Johnson Academy located in the city of Lagos. The academy was founded by Richie Dayo Johnson.  The academy offer services ranging from consulting to coaching and mentoring. Richmond Academy can be visited at http://richmondjohnson.com/



  • The Knowledge Academy:


The Knowledge Academy is a public speaking and communications academy located in Abuja, Nigeria. The knowledge academy holds some of its classes online and offline depending on the student’s preference. The Knowledge Academy’s website is https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com



  • School  Of Eloquence:


School Of Eloquence is a public speaking school dedicated to instilling self confidence when speaking in public. With over 3,000 alumni, School Of Eloquence has a track record of drilling people in the act of public speaking.  http://www.schoolofeloquence.org/ is the website of School of Eloquence.  The school is located in Ikeja, the Capital of Lagos State.



  • Crystal Academy Of Public Speaking And Effective Communication:


Crystal Academy specializes in public speaking and communication skills. Crystal academy is located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Crystal Academy was established in 2008. Crystal Academy’s website is at http://crystalacademymgt.com/index.html



  • Tom Associates Training:


Tom Associates Training is a management school that specializes in various areas of management, public speaking and presentation skills included. Located at Anthony Village, Lagos State, Tom Associates Training website is at https://www.tomassociatesng.com/



  •  Skills4Success: 


Skills4Success offers training on conquering your fear of speaking in public. Located at Maryland, Lagos, Skills4Success offer courses that embolden a person and increases his confidence when speaking in public. https://skills4success.org/ is the website of Skills4Success.

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    1. Hi Mercy. We currently have locations in Lagos and Abuja. We do not have in Port Harcourt at the moment. Could you register for our 4 weeks online class? Please let us know on our Instagram Page @FordaxAcademy

    1. Hello, please talk to our customer care on Instagram. We will need to understand the courses and programs you’re applying for so we can give you the right information and fees. Here’s our IG page https://www.instagram.com/fordaxacademy or search Fordax Academy on IG. You may also call the representative in Abuja on 07035957197. Thank you.

  1. Good morning. My name is as shown here under and I reside in Enugu and I have not seen your branch here. I need to know if there is non here please

    1. We do not currently have any branch in Enugu state. We have in Lagos and Abuja. Please, visit our Instagram page – @FordaxAcademy for more information.

  2. Hi, I find this very interesting and I am interested. I saw from the comment section you made mentioned of a 4week online training on public speaking, please I want to know if this 4 weeks online training is as effective as the offline training. I really want to conquer my fear for public speaking, seriously it’s weighing me and my ability down. And if the answer is yes, how much is the cost for the 4 weeks online training?.
    Thank you.

    1. Online is effective but not when compared to offline training. Call 07035957197 for more inquiries or visit our Instagram page –@FordaxAcademy

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