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If there’s something your business currently needs badly, it’s to get customers and continue getting customers daily.

Stephen Michael talked about the practical approach to getting daily customers for your business In one of his seminars for entrepreneurs.


These ideas are simple but not usually easy. You’re advised to work hard and put them to practice if you seriously want to start getting customers daily.

So here’s how to get customers daily:

  1. Talk to old customers and seek referrals. Every day, make it a point of contact to talk to two or five past clients. At the end of the conversation, find a way to ask if there’s anybody they would like to refer to your business.
  2. Reward referrals – create a program that rewards those who refer customers to you. These rewards can include a percentage commission, a discount, a recognition program… just be creative about it.How to get customers daily (post by Fordax)
  3. Leverage public speaking gigs. Write or call on organizations and offer to speak for free. When you speak in front of a lot of people, you increase your chances of getting inflow of customers. Learn public speaking here
  4. Attend networking events – with networking events, you meet new people and talk about your business to them. A serious entrepreneur should attend at least one relevant event every month for both learning and networking purposes.
  5. Add a call to action on your website – your website should not be a place where people can find information about you. It should be a sales funnel that tells people exactly what to do when they come in contact with your materials. A call to action is a button or statement that tells people the action to take when they’re on your web page – “Call now”, “Fill this form”, “Send an inquiry” etc.
  6. Create more lead generation baits – a bait is something of value you created so that you can give it to prospects in order to attract leads and get their information for follow-up. Common baits you can create are free live webinars, free e-books, free detailed articles, an invitation for a brief meeting or session etc. With these baits you can easily attract people that have interest in what you are selling and also get their numbers and email for follow-up.
  7. Follow-up. Follow-up. Follow-up – the sale is in the follow-up. If you must get more customers every day, you and your team must spend significant time to follow-up on contacts.
  8. Run paid adverts – it’s okay to spend money to get customers. With the tools and technologies we have today, most people can easily generate customers by spending money on paid adverts on Facebook and other platforms. Learn how to run Facebook ads here.
  9. Content marketing — create articles, videos and podcasts that address the problems your ideal customers are facing and provide a quick solution to that. This will help you to create awareness, build likeness and trust and also generate leads and customers to your business.
  10. Create a new product to address a new market target that is under served, poorly served or not served at all. This will open up new possibilities for your business.

To learn more about sales and marketing, we would recommend this book by Dr. Miki titled “THE SALES PLAYBOOK – Exactly How to Persuade & Convince People to Buy Your Ideas, Products & Services especially if you hate selling and lying”

This book will help you to quickly and easily achieve 5 things:

  1. Increase your ability to persuade, convince and sell your business ideas to people.
  2. You will learn exactly what to say and do. You will become a master influencer in less than 30 days of practice.

The Sales Playbook by DrMiki

3. Know exactly what do in order to stand out in a seemingly crowded marketplace and have customers chasing and begging to buy from you.

4. Kick out uncertainties, fears and self-sabotaging habits that get in the way of your business and financial success.

5. Have access to proven, trusted, working strategies and techniques for growing your business, increasing your influence and multiplying your finances in the next 90 days.

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