Across social media in Nigeria, we have observed the following trending questions:

How can I become a successful speaker in Nigeria?

I want to become a public speaker in Nigeria, how can I do that?

How can I become a motivational speaker in Nigeria?

Which public speaking school in Nigeria is affordable?

I want to attend public speaking classes in Lagos Nigeria

Which public speaking trainer do you recommend in Lagos?

I want to learn presentation skills in Nigeria, where do I go?

Where can I get professional public and presentation training in Lagos Nigeria?


That is why today, we have decided to introduce people like you to an institution that offers public speaking training and certificate in Lagos, Abuja and Awka respectively.

We are talking about The Fordax Training Academy (AKA the Speech Masters Academy.)

It was the first established public speaking school in the South Eastern part of Nigeria and is currently spreading across the country. The headquarter is in Lagos, Nigeria and we hold events in Abuja and other cities.

The academy is founded by Stephen Michael – also known as DrMiki. He’s one of Nigeria’s finest public speaking and sales trainers and he’s based in Lagos Nigeria.

The Fordax Training Academy (The Speech Masters Academy) offers practical courses on Communication and Presentation Skills, Sales And Persuasion Skills, and Personal Power – having the ability to influence people and get them to take necessary actions.

The academy has been around since 2013, although it came to national limelight early 2017.

Classes in our Academy are very flexible – Private students can chose what they want to learn (after critical consultation though), when they want to be taking classes and how fast or slow they wish to go.


In addition, clients can also choose to take the classes at the comfort of their offices – this is especially for people who’re working and very busy as long as they can afford to subscribe to the in-house training option.


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The Speech Masters Academy classes start from N35,000 – depending on what your needs are and how you decide to take the courses.

The academy often employs the hands of very competent trainers who were trained to be very professional, caring and fun with their sessions.

The academy strongly believes in your individuality – so you’re not forced to change your values or personalities in the course of your training. There’s also very little emphasis on English Phonetics as the academy consider that to be a secondary issue especially for people with Nigerian or African audience.

Their primary focus is to help you overcome fear, build self-confidence and master the art of stage presentation. They believe that once you master these things, you’d be able to take more courses bothering on secondary issues – like etiquette, English Phonetics, Stage Props, Theatre Arts etc. It’s important however that, interested students should be able speak and understand the English language.



The academy can also provide special classes in this regard to any student who finds it difficult to communicate fluently in English language.

The academy’s English Classes are not meant for ‘academic’ purposes. That means their focus is mostly on the Use of English for real life purposes. The effort is towards improving your ability to read, write and speak in English language and the class is not adequate to help you write any professional exams like WAEC or JAMB. You can learn those in their appropriate centers across the country.


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