Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of making sales. 

Put simply, lead generation is the process of getting customers who are interested in the product or services you offer. 

Leads are potential customers who are interested in your products. 

To turn these potential customers into buying customers, there are strategies businesses have to employ to make it possible. 

In this article, we will be looking at 5 strategies a business owner or company can employ that will turn potential customers into buying customers. 

Sit tight and get on this flow with me.

The first strategy we will look at is:

  1. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the use of email to promote your business. Email can be a great way of capturing clients. Email marketing can be used to cultivate relationships with potential customers.

To conduct email marketing you’re going to need to create an email list, which is simply a way of collecting people’s email contact for the purpose of sending them stuff later on. 

Email marketing can be used to build trust with customers over time to turn them into repeat customers. It is also an effective way to keep your customers informed about the latest deals and promotions you are running. 

For instance, a person interested in buying a pet comes across your website on the internet and scrolls through the kinds of pet you sell in your shop, he wants to buy a Rottweiler but does not have the money at the moment. He sees a box where he can subscribe for updates or free e-book from your website; he goes ahead to subscribe by putting his email. Since you have his email address on your list, you can then send emails to this potential customer telling him to check out dog tags, dog food or watch a video of a dog dancing. This piques the interest of the potential customer to actually buy a pet. Eventually, you have used email marketing to turn a prospect into a customer. 


  1. Content Marketing:

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of online materials (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. 

Marketing is impossible without valuable contents, content marketing strategy in generating leads, attracting business leads using webinars, infographics, video, online courses, reports, quizzes and ebooks. Businesses can turn cold prospects into buying customers. 

The more high-quality content you produce, the more you’re rewarded by search engines such as Google.  

Try to make your contents educational – contents should not only be about what the business sells. 

Let’s say you own a dog shop and the contents on your blog, website, YouTube or social media pages should be about how owning a dog is exciting, show them videos of dogs doing tricks, caring for a family member or a little child. These kinds of contents excite potential clients and keep existing customers happy.


  1. Create a mobile friendly website:

Gone are the days when beautifully designed websites impressed customers. These days mobile friendly websites have taken front row. 

A good website is like your digital business card. Businesses need to create their websites to be user and mobile friendly. 

A website that is easy to use on a mobile device, especially the small screens of smartphones is termed a mobile friendly website. 

If your website is not optimized for a smooth experience on the user’s smartphone, it can be damaging to your brand as many people will not want to be visiting your site. People use smartphones to visit websites more than they use laptops or desktops, and websites that are not mobile friendly would have low visits and thus lose potential customers because customers tend to be on the go, they leave large websites and open mobile friendly websites that fits their device. 

Businesses should make their website mobile friendly.



  1. Use Social Media:

Social media is a great way to lead generation. There are more than 2 billion people spread across every platform of social media and these people sell, buy and want to buy products on social media. 

Social media platforms like Facebook offer email submission. This allows users to submit their information at the click of a button and gives businesses a simple way to collect info on potential leads with minimal stress.  Social media marketing has been immensely fruitful for many businesses in Nigeria and all over the world.


  1. Set up a blog:

In order to sell products effectively, businesses need to think from the buyer’s perspective. Many times potential customers come across a product but the information provided is not convincing enough so they brush off any thought of buying. 

This is where blogs come in — businesses that want to generate leads should set up a blog where they publish personalized content about a product. By reading this blog potential customers have a more robust knowledge of what they’re purchasing. Also write a bunch of how-to articles, these articles are helpful as they educate customers and potential customers. 


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