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Which public speaking school in Abuja is affordable?

How can I attend public speaking classes in Abuja or Lagos Nigeria?

Which public speaking school is good in Nigeria?

Where can I go to learn how to overcome stage fright and build self-confidence in Abuja?

Which public speaking school in Abuja has professional courses that I can take at the comfort of my office?

Where can I get affordable public speaking classes in Abuja, FCT?

Where can I learn how to be a motivational speaker in Abuja FCT Nigeria?

I want to get training on sales and presentation skills in Abuja FCT, where can I get that?

Where can I get professional presentation and sales skills training in Abuja FCT Nigeria?



Today, we have decided to introduce people like you to an institution that offers public speaking training and certificate in Abuja FCT.


THE FORDAX TRAINING ACADEMY provides professional training on the art of communication and persuasion skills. The academy designed some courses to enable candidates learn the art and practice of influential speaking without having to get frustrated on the process.

Our courses are flexible, and allow you to learn at your own pace. We recommend the courses you could take after much consultation in which we help you realize your challenges, define your goals and chose the right courses to help you accomplish your goals.

If you’re looking for a training that makes learning fun and still delivers results faster than others; If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable presentation training in Nigeria – our training is just right for you.

Our academy has trained hundreds of students from all over Africa but most especially in Nigeria which is where the academy is located with branches in Abuja and Lagos.

We have online and live courses to satisfy the needs of our students from different parts of the world.


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The Fordax Training Academy was founded by Stephen Michael aka DrMiki – Nigeria’s executive speech trainer and sales coach based in Abuja, Nigeria with over a decade professional training experience.

The academy currently has presence in Abuja, Lagos and Anambra State. Our focus is on helping individuals to overcome their stage fright, build self-confidence and master the art of communication.

We’ve had different kinds of students in the past 8 years – politicians, entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, ministers, accountants etc.… and we’ve been able to help these people to improve and communicate with greater clarity and power.

The Fordax Training Academy offers programs that you can take at the comfort of your office, and we’re also open to invitations to come and train members of your organization on presentation and persuasion skills.

Get professional training and coaching on public speaking, sales and presentation skills at The Fordax Academy.

For more inquiries about our programs:

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https://wa.me/+2347035957197  or call +2347035957197

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