Would You Like To Overcome Stage Fright, Build Self Confidence & Master Public Speaking & Presentation Skills?

Discover what it takes through this professional training on public speaking, sales and presentation.


Full immersion. Life-changing experiences. Astounding results.

MARCH 2020

Public Speaking, Sales & Presentation Training

Abuja, Nigeria

March 28 - 29, 2020

Do you desire to take control of your life and be more capable of holding the audience spell bound during your next presentation?

Do you sometimes feel like you need to learn more and improve on your ability to speak, write and, maybe, even earn from your ability to speak on stage?


Before I attended the public speaking and sales training, I had issues with my confidence level and I don’t feel like I know how to be able to sell on stage. Initially I had doubts about the training but after the training my confidence level has increased. My life has improved very well and I would recommend this training to others who want to improve their ability to speak or sell.


Chris Enaholo

CFO, ProFinAd Nig. Ltd


My life is much better than before because I have somehow become more confident as a result of the training. The coaching experience with Stephen Michael is “worthwhile” He’s an excellent coach. I also recommend the training.


Adetunji Dawodu,

Director/Admin., Lagos State Ministry of Justice


Before now I was so afraid of public speaking. The training impacted positively on me so I am very impressed. I recommend this training because it impacted on my skills.


Gimba Shamssuddeen Ya'u,

Management Assistant NDIC Abuja


My challenge was facing the public. The training taught me to avoid self judgment. I can now speak confidently. If you struggle with stage fright, Dr. Miki has the solution. He's an expert in this field. I would recommend his programs.

Rosemary Enang

Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja

At the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • Overcome stage fright very easily so you can stand confidently to speak in front of 50 or 500 people, anywhere, any time.
  • Build self-confidence so you can command boldness, eloquence and power on stage.
  • Be able to communicate your ideas with eloquence & charisma so you can easily win people to your way and get more people to follow you.
  • Be able to make sales presentations & market your products and services

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Last Venue: Febson Hotel, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja