Refine your presentation & public speaking skills

People who have fear of public speaking make about 10% less, on average, than those who don’t. Public speaking can have significant impact on your career.

The fear of public speaking makes it more difficult to be promoted to a management position. Top business management position requires the ability to communicate.

The Academy helped me to fix some public speaking blunders that could have ruined my career. The academy also helped me to get a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve with my talent of oration.
Engr. SYLVIA Idokwo
Serial Entrepreneur/Speaker
All of my life I find it very hard to stand and speak before people. In fact, I refused to even try. But after Dr. Miki’s public speaking class my self-confidence improved and I began doing the impossible.
Ebube Stacia

Poor communication can lead to lack of team cohesion, unclear messaging, wasted time and resources, damaged relationships, low employee morale, higher turnover rates, lost revenue...

One of the factors that affect how much you earn in today’s age, is your ability to communicate -- sell or close deals.


This training will help you...

  • Overcome stage fright very easily so you can stand confidently to speak in front of 50 or 500 people, anywhere, any time.
  • Build self-confidence so you can command boldness, eloquence and power on stage.
  • Be able to prepare and deliver powerful presentations in your business or social meetings.
  • Be able to organize your speeches like a professional speaker following international standards.
  • Be able to communicate your ideas with eloquence & charisma so you can easily win people to your way and get more people to follow you.
  • Become a more interesting and persuasive speaker – no more being a boring person. No more having the awkward experience where you are speaking and people are dozing off to sleep or crashing their legs on the floor in utter boredom. Regain your power.

What You Get:

Professional Certificate

Regular/Weekend Classes

4 Weeks Intensive Training

Don't take our word for it


Before I attended the public speaking and sales training, I had issues with my confidence level and I don’t feel like I know how to be able to sell on stage. Initially I had doubts about the training but after the training my confidence level has increased. My life has improved very well and I would recommend this training to others who want to improve their ability to speak or sell.


Chris Enaholo

CFO, ProFinAd Nig. Ltd


I wanted to improve my public speaking ability and learn how to close more sales. Now I understand better how to engage with a crowed or with individuals in a presentation. My confidence got better and I also got more ideas on how to make sales presentations. I recommend the program to others because of what I learned in it.


Kikelomo Asemota

Regional Manager, ProFinAd Nig. Ltd


My life is much better than before because I have somehow become more confident as a result of the training. The coaching experience with Stephen Michael is “worthwhile” He’s an excellent coach. I also recommend the training.


Adetunji Dawodu,

Director/Admin., Lagos State Ministry of Justice


The training is very useful in addressing stage fright and lack of confidence. The training is also very interactive. I would recommend it to anybody that wants to be bold to address an audience.


Haroun Adebayo

Assitant Director, Lagos State Ministry of Justice

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