Gain advanced skills in storytelling, dynamic speaking, presentation design, and specialized speaking formats. Be equipped to deliver persuasive business presentations, engage and inspire audiences, and create visually appealing and effective presentations.


Every Saturday in August 2023

10:00AM - 1:00PM


  • Understanding the impact of storytelling in public speaking
  • Identifying key elements of compelling stories
  • Crafting engaging narratives that resonate with the audience
  • Mastering vocal dynamics: projection, emphasis, pacing, and pauses
  • Utilizing body language and gestures to enhance delivery
  • Engaging the audience through eye contact and stage presence
  • Quick techniques for structuring a powerful presentation
  • Incorporating insights, statistics, and supporting data effectively
  • Avoiding common design mistakes and creating visually appealing slides
  • Understanding the principles of visual design for impactful slides
  • Selecting appropriate fonts, colors, and layouts for professional presentations
  • Using visuals to enhance understanding, engagement, and retention
  • Crafting persuasive arguments and addressing objections
  • Using storytelling and emotional appeals to influence buying decisions
  • Demonstrating confidence and credibility in sales presentations
  • Understanding the psychology of motivation and persuasion
  • Applying techniques to inspire and influence audiences
  • Incorporating rhetorical devices and persuasive language in speeches

Class 1: TED-Style Talks

  • Analyzing successful TED talks and their elements
  • Delivering impactful and concise presentations with a strong central idea
  • Utilizing storytelling, humor, and visuals in TED-style talks


Class 2: Keynote Addresses and Vote of Thanks

    • Crafting and delivering memorable keynote speeches
    • Expressing gratitude effectively in a vote of thanks
    • Balancing inspiration, information, and entertainment in keynote addresses

Who is This for?

  • This advanced public speaking training is specifically designed for working professionals in Nigeria, particularly those in leadership roles, sales and marketing, entrepreneurship, academia, and any other field that requires impactful communication skills.
  • It caters to individuals who have a foundational understanding of public speaking and are seeking to elevate their abilities to the next level.
  • Whether you are a seasoned presenter looking to refine your techniques, a business professional aiming to deliver persuasive and influential speeches, or a speaker preparing for specialized formats such as TED-style talks or keynote addresses, this training is tailored to meet your needs.
  • Participants will acquire the advanced skills, strategies, and insights necessary to create and deliver engaging, dynamic, and powerful presentations that leave a lasting impact on diverse audiences.


These are some of the bonuses you get when you register for this training...

  • You will get a copy and Edit, Powerful Power Point Slide Samples {PPT}. This will help you to select any design you like and edit it to your own style so that your PowerPoint will stand out. You will get 20+ Professional Design PPT with editable source file. Source File + Visual Materials + Charts & Graphs + Infographics + Slide Animation — Valued at N25,000

Total value of bonuses you will get for free when you register = N405,000

Due to the nature of this coaching and transformational experience, we can only take 20 clients per session. So if you’re serious about building a highly successful speaking, coaching and consulting career, improving on your public speaking and business presentation skills, you should just hit the REGISTER NOW button and register for this program now and secure your seat immediately.

The fee for this program is N80,000, however for the first 10 persons to register this week, they can pay N45,000 and save N35,000...


To Register For The 4 Sundays Public Speaking, Coaching & Consulting Program, Make A Transfer To The Following Account Details and send a message:




After the transfer, kindly send your proof of payment via WhatsApp to Dr. Miki 07035957197. You will be added to the discussion group upon confirmation of payment.