Boost visibility, get more clients & increase sales

Who we serve

We serve very ambitious small business owners who’re looking to boost their visibility in the marketplace, attract more clients & close more sales.

Fordax Marketing Agency provides custom plans and done-for-you strategies to massively grow your brand, build credibility and attract high paying clients on automation.  

We will help you reach potential clients online and covert them to repeat clients. We create the plan, implement them for/with you and optimize all your digital campaigns for maximum results.

How we work


Do It Yourself – we show you or your team how to do it – whether it is to sell online, make sales presentation or run digital campaigns. 



Done With You – an expert from our team will hold you by the hand and walk you through the process so that you can do it yourself. 


Done For You – if you’re a very busy person and do not want to get your hands “dirty” we will do all the hard stuffs for you. You only focus on servicing your customers.


What we do

design -

We design websites, web apps, mobile apps, digital graphics, ads graphics, brochures etc


Marketing Consulting

Google ads, Social media marketing, email marketing, tele marketing etc...

Content Writing

Business plan, marketing plan, Articles, blogs, eBooks, newsletters, etc


Digital marketing, corporate communication, marketing hacks etc

Training & Consulting Services

In-house | Office | Online

6 Figure Sales And Marketing Blueprint

How To Get Clients On Facebook

Sales Training Program For Management & Staff


How To Sell Premium (6-7 figure) Products And Services On Facebook and Instagram


How to get clients & Customers using Google ads effectively

Chatbot Mastery

how to use Chatbot to get and serve more customers better than your competitors

Office Locations:

FORDAX – 2nd Floor, Peace Mass Plaza (B), Opposite Rogel Brooks Hotel & Suites, Utako Jabi District, FCT Abuja.

FORDAX - 2nd Floor -- Olatunji House, Maryland, Lagos