Discover how to quickly kick out the fear of public speaking and double your sales in 2022 with this 2 days boot camp!

If you're looking to overcome stage fright and master public speaking and sales presentation skills, this is the most important, most affordable and most effective training you can ever attend in Abuja.


If you’re looking to overcome stage fright and master public speaking and sales presentation skills, this is the most important, most affordable and most effective training you can ever attend in Abuja.

But let’s be clear on something…

Here’s exactly what this 2 days boot camp will help you to do:

✅ Instantly kick the fear of public speaking out of your life so you can become more confident and bold.

✅ Show you 5 pragmatic ways to become a more fluent and eloquent speaker on any stage. You’ll have words coming out of your mouth with ease and grace… If you paid attention to the class.

✅ You’ll learn 6 ways to make your presentation more engaging, more interesting and more impactful. If you do this, you’ll become a dynamic speaker.

✅ You’ll learn how to create and deliver business presentations. So you’ll be able to go into business meetings such as negotiations, conferences etc wow the listeners and close new deals with ease.

✅ You’ll learn to master sales presentations and persuasive speaking skills. With this skill, you’ll be able to sell your products and services faster, convince customers and investors and double your business revenue.

Before I attended the public speaking and sales training, I had issues with my confidence level and I don’t feel like I know how to be able to sell on stage. Initially I had doubts about the training but after the training my confidence level has increased. My life has improved very well and I would recommend this training to others who want to improve their ability to speak or sell.
Chris Enaholo
CFO, ProFinAd Nig. Ltd
My life is much better than before because I have somehow become more confident as a result of the training. The coaching experience with Stephen Michael is “worthwhile” He’s an excellent coach. I also recommend the training.
Adetunji Dawodu
Director/Admin., Lagos State Ministry of Justice
Before now I was so afraid of public speaking. The training impacted positively on me so I am very impressed. I recommend this training because it impacted on my skills.
Gimba Shamssuddeen Ya'u
Management Assistant NDIC Abuja​

Many people today are so terrified about the idea of standing in front of a live audience to deliver presentations.

This FEAR manifests in many forms – – some people will feel their hearts beating so fast and loud.

Some will feel their palms wet and a cold feet; some will start stuttering or mixing words together.

Some will forget what they want to say or their minds will just go blank.

Some will manage to get up on stage but then end up saying something else or saying only 10% of what they planned to say.

Some will freeze up on stage and suddenly become a breathing, fear-striken monument on stage.

Does any of that happen to you? Or someone you know?

In this Boot Camp, our first session is a therapeutic approach to overcoming one fear – – the fear of public speaking.

You’ll learn practical ideas on how to kick fear out of your life, manage your anxieties and instead of letting fear control you, you’ll control your fears for good.

After this session, expect your self-confidence to boost up. That means, you’ll be leaving the boot camp with greater confidence than you came with.

ALSO, you’ll be exposed to expert tips and strategies for preparing and delivering very engaging and powerful presentations anywhere.

AND on the second day, you’ll learn how to convince people to buy your products and services.

With this session, you’ll learn to DOUBLE YOUR SALES by working on two primary issues – – your internal barriers and your lack of tools. Internal barriers are the problems that weaken your persuasiveness. You’ll learn how to overcome these problems and also learn some tips on how to win deals, pitch ideas and convince customers or investors.

Who’s this Boot Camp for?

IF you’re still struggling with stage and wants to overcome it…

IF you want to sharpen your public speaking and presentation skills to become more fluent and engaging…

If you’d like to master sales and business presentations as an entrepreneur, leader or visionary individual…

If you’re tired of reading books and watching YouTube videos and you’d like to have a full experience on public speaking and presentation skills…

This Training is for you!


You can only chose ONE batch to register for and attend.

FIRST BATCH December Sat. 10 & Sun. 11 from 2pm to 5pm

SECOND BATCH December Sat. 17 & Sun. 18 From 2 to 5pm


Ordinarily, we organize such events for N25,000 but for this year, we want to make it so affordable to the first serious 20 persons.

The original fee is N15,000 for those who want to pay at the venue.

Or N10,000 for those who want to pay online.


If you will be willing to give us a video testimonial (if you got value for your money) after the training, then you can pay N5,000 only.

We’re paying you back for agreeing to give us a video testimony of your experience at the training ONLY if you got value from the training.






After the transfer, kindly send your proof of payment via WhatsApp to Dr. Miki 07035957197. You will be added to the discussion group upon confirmation of payment.

I wanted to improve my public speaking ability and learn how to close more sales. Now I understand better how to engage with a crowed or with individuals in a presentation. My confidence got better and I also got more ideas on how to make sales presentations. I recommend the program to others because of what I learned in it.
Kikelomo Asemota
Regional Manager, ProFinAd Nig. Ltd
The training is very useful in addressing stage fright and lack of confidence. The training is also very interactive. I would recommend it to anybody that wants to be bold to address an audience. ​
Haroun Adebayo​
Assitant Director, Lagos State Ministry of Justice
All of my life I find it very hard to stand and speak before people. In fact, I refused to even try. But after Dr. Miki’s public speaking class my self-confidence improved and I began doing the impossible.
Ebube Stacia