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Executive Presentation Coaching, Lagos

Executive Presentation Coaching?

Our company is offering exclusive events for executives to learn the ropes of presenting and public speaking.


Whether you’re delivering a breakout session, keynote speech, seminar, or even sharing your thoughts in your religious organization or company meeting, public speaking is a vital part of doing business and being perceived as an effective leader.

It can also be incredibly stressful—no matter how experienced you are as a speaker.

In order to become a very effective communicator or leader, one must embrace presentation coaching programs that deliver executive experience.

This kind of coaching provides a hands-on coaching experience that is tailored for busy executives who’re looking to instantly build self confidence, increase their charisma and communicate with greater clarity and power.

Do you have a critical presentation coming up?

Do you want to boost the quality and effectiveness of your presentations?

Do you want to speak with more comfort and charisma?

Would you like to hire an experienced and competent speech coach in Lagos or Abuja?

Hire Stephen Michael to work with you.

The Executive Presentation Coaching session will be personalized and tailor made just for you.


The courses to be covered will be recommended based on your needs, challenges or objectives. There will be no beating around the bush. What you get is a coaching program specially designed to address your challenges and objectives.

Executive Presentation Coaching
Executive Presentation Coaching


The Executive Presentation Coaching sessions can also be kept private. Depending on your position and situation you might want to keep this coaching totally confidential. Many clients have requested total confidentiality. And that’s what you get when you opt in for a private coaching.

You can expect the best from your speech coach. Stephen offers you 8+ years of professional speaking, training and executive coaching. He has provided professional coaching to politicians, business owners, medical practitioners, bankers, pastors, lawyers… and the list keeps adding up. You will definitely get value for your money.

Our executive coaching program can be held at the comfort of your office or home. You may also come to our office in Lagos.

There’s also an opportunity to get executive coaching online. With online coaching, you can have a live coaching session that’s almost as good as a physical meeting. All private client’s information are kept confidential.

Get started by calling Stephen on 07035957197 or send a mail to hello@coachmiki.com.ng

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