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Fordax, Toastmasters Or Dale Carnegie In Nigeria?

Many people have contacted me to train them on mastery of words and help them improve their public speaking engagement skills in time past. Whilst I might not be able to teach you what I stumbled upon, I can at least show you the way.
It is on this note I am putting it out here that they should consider the Fordax Training Academy- which is a highly recommended, accessible public speaking training platform as good as the Toastmasters International or the Dale Carnegie Institute, if not a preferable alternative.


The Fordax Training Academy provides in-person and virtual training and coaching programs on public speaking, sales skills, leadership development, customer service and capacity development. The era of civil service or conventional education is finally over- we must now take personal development, entrepreneurship and bettering our lives through optimum pitch training very seriously. By the dexterity of our tongue- we are made manifest.
Fordax has been identified by many people including my humble self as the Bank of Words as a foremost training company with very robust curriculum, client interaction and guaranteed results in a very short time that can rival any of its peers offering the same services anywhere in the world and this is a public endorsement.
What many of us in the literary world are used to is the Toastmasters- largely known for their clubs with presence in different parts of the world. We equally know Dale Carnegie. These are great training companies known around the world for turning around the confidence and speaking fortunes of their participants and Fordax is not an exception.
Fordax was started in the year 2013 by Stephen Michael AKA Dr. Miki, and officially launched in the year 2017. Fordax has presence only in the major cities in Nigeria with plans to expand to other parts of the world. I believe so much in the capacity of the visioneer to take the dream round the globe.
Fordax continues to gain grounds in very impressive ways. They have a very dedicated team that is very committed and working really hard to prove themselves in the marketplace.
Another reason I am endorsing Fordax is because it is an indigenous company. I am totally pro-Nigeria. It was established in Nigeria by a Nigerian and that’s something I don’t take likely. Plus, they have had quite a great number of impressive testimonials which can be found on their Instagram page @FordaxAcademy or website
In conclusion, I personally recommend Fordax Training Academy as my go-to training company in Nigeria. Their short courses, practical classes, in-person or virtual programs, experienced facilitators and their speedy growth in the last 4 years is something I will love to see continue at a geometric progression.
If you want to learn public speaking and effective presentation skills, go to Fordax!

NB: This is an unpaid endorsement.

-Tosin Ayo,
AKA, The Word Bank.
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