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How to Attract Customers without Facebook and Instagram Ads

Every business has an audience it wants to reach. Building an organic social media strategy is difficult however, it’s nothing that can’t be done. 

Are you aware that you can become find-able online and develop search results that consistently lead to accurate, trustworthy information about you and your business without necessarily running Facebook and Instagram ads?


We are here to show 5 ways you can attract prospects organically — without spending money on paid ads:


  • Have a defined target audience


There are billions of people on the internet today. Using Facebook and Instagram statistics for instance: Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, 63% of these users log in daily. 

200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. The question is, how many of these people are visiting your own business page online? 

Facebook has over 2.41 billion monthly active users, 74% of Facebook users log in daily. Facebook users spend 38 minutes per day using the platform. 

Whichever channel your business is on, you can agree with me that not all of them are your target audience. That’s the more reason why you need a defined audience.

Understanding your target audience is the first step to successfully attracting your audience organically.

You need to know:

Who are your target audience? This includes their demographics, age range, location and interests. 

Where do they hang out? Which social media platforms do they use most? They must not be on all the channels. So, it’s left for you to find the channels they spend more time on. 

What do they need? Ask yourself what their problem, challenges or difficulties are and how you can best help them solve those challenges. 

What do they want? Of course, they want a solution to their misery. Go ahead and inform them of how you’re the solution to their challenges. More important, find more ways to demonstrate that you have the solution in a way that they can see it not just hear it. 

When you are done defining your audience, the next step is to set an optimized social media presence. 

For instance, if you’re going to use any of these platforms for your business it is important to separate your personal account from your business account. 

It is about your business, not about you. So, spare the audience all those selfies that are not related to your brand, like a selfie picture of you in the toilet and stuff like that which may make your business page appear childish or poorly managed. Unless of course stuff like these help your business — depending on the nature of your business. 



  • Create compelling and relevant content


There are many reasons why people use social media — to be entertained, educated, and engaged. However it varies from audience to audience. Like I said earlier, understanding your target audience is the foundation for organic social media strategy. 

When you know your audience or who you’re trying to attract to your business, you can craft your brand’s voice, style, personality and content to suit and serve them well.

You should also know whether or not they prefer text, audio, video, info-graphics or combination of one or two formats?

Know the type of content format your audience engages with the most and keep creating quality content.



  • Be unique


Your business should go beyond your logo or tagline. 

There should be something that separates you from others. There should be something that attracts customers to you and your business. 

Besides having a logo, have a custom theme especially when it comes to the use of colors. Make your social media attractive so that people will find your social media handles interesting.

Imagine scrolling on Instagram and one of our posts got your attention and you decided to check us out with the hopes of seeing more or learning more from us only for you to notice that there is no coherence in the use of colors and the pictures used are not in any way related to our services. 

I bet you wouldn’t waste any more second on the page and when next you’ll see our post you wouldn’t bother checking it out. 

You’d probably say these guys are not serious.

That’s exactly what happens to you if you as a business owner is not sticking to a visual style and your brand tone as well.



  • Measure data


Your social media data (analytics) enables you to know what works and what does not. 

Data helps you to measure the growth and effectiveness of your social media contents, usually to improve brand awareness, profits, and return. 

Analytics also can help you to understand what works for your competitors and their audiences. 

Each social media channel has its own analytics or tools of insights. 

Social media is constantly changing and evolving — Instagram algorithm last year is not the same as 2 years back, same with Facebook. 

You need to constantly monitor and test new things – testing and refining your content formats and themes means you’ll be guided by what your audience responds to, which will ultimately improve your performance, because as you grow in business, your audience grows as well. 

Tracking and understanding analytics of your business is one of the key factors to successfully grow organically.



  • Don’t be overly salesy – be social


It is called social media for a reason. That you offer services online is not an enough excuse not to be social. 

Most business owners make the mistake of always talking about themselves. You can talk about your products, their features and how they make people’s lives better. You can post your services, latest sales or promotion, but it must be broken up with other types of engaging content to provide value. 

You can’t just walk up to a girl that doesn’t have any relationship with you and just ask her to marry you. 

There must be underground work which you must have done. Same thing applies here, your customers need to trust you to be able to do business with you.

Attracting and growing your customers without running any form of sponsored ad is still a possibility. That’s why at Fordax Marketing Agency we offer you an exclusive way to dominate the internet with our business boost package. Find out about it here.



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