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Is corporate training right for my company?

Looking for a Corporate Training in Nigeria?

What Is Corporate Training?

Corporate training refers to organized professional development activities created by companies to help their employees be more effective on the job. If you’ve ever taken a set of courses created and hosted by your employer, you’ve had a taste of what it entails.

Here is a breakdown of how we at Fordax corporate training company in Nigeria view cooperate training.

Corporate training is:

  • A form of continued education. You may encounter online courses, seminars, or series of lectures much like a traditional college class. This is especially true if your company uses outside resources or institutions that offer corporate training.
  • Geared toward your holistic professional development. It will help you attain the skills you need to be an effective corporate professional.
  • Not always company-specific. Corporate training is designed to help you excel in your current role and become more valuable to the company over time. However, you’ll usually also develop skills that you can take with you to other companies.

How You’ll Benefit From Fordax  Corporate Training

A good corporate training program is one of the most critical things to look for when you consider taking a position in a company. The presence of one signals that the company recognizes its employees as a valuable resource and is interested in nurturing you as an asset. This has a host of benefits for both the company and you. Research suggests that you’ll enjoy:

  • Increased efficiency and competence at your job
  • Greater motivation and morale
  • A stronger and more cohesive company culture
  • Stable teams and relationships due to fewer turnovers

Fordax Corporate Training O.T.D.E strategic Processes That Sets you up for sustainable development 

What a Strategic Model for Training & Development Looks Like

A strategic corporate training model typically has four phases. As you move through the ranks of your company, you’ll encounter them. They are:

  1. Onboarding gets employees up to speed on processes, procedures, and policies. In a good program, you’ll find yourself on boarded when you’re first hired, when you’re promoted, and when you’re brought onto a new team.
  2. The company may have unique processes or procedures. You’ll need to develop the skills to perform them. This may also include mandatory training such as those established in compliance regulations for your industry.
  3. Once you’ve gained competency in your position, you can begin with career or personal development training. Developmental training often focuses on soft skills like communication, problem-solving, or negotiation. Attaining these skills help you function much more effectively.
  4. A good corporate training program also includes opportunities to attain an education that’s not related to your current job or role, but which help you attain career objectives down the line. You may pursue these opportunities to help tip you toward that promotion.

Although these are arranged linearly, you might find yourself moving through all four stages multiple times. They’re designed to complement one another and holistically improve your career.

corporate training

Reasons why Fordax cooperate training program in Nigeria is highly sought after

1. . Executive Readiness

Companies seeking to build, train, and grow their executive team often invest in executive readiness training programs and because we have helped several companies across different industries  prepare their executives for cutting edge delivery, it is easy for other companies and agencies to trust us with their cooperate training.

2. Leadership and Management

Corporate training for leadership and management is often offered to individuals preparing to move into management positions for the first time, or into higher-level leadership positions. You’ll gain expertise in things like:

  • Project and team management
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Organizational structure

Here at Fordax cooperate training Nigeria, we deploy strategic approaches towards ensuring leadership development and sustainable management.

Apart from earning us a reputation as one of the best cooperate training agencies, the curriculum of  the Fordax cooperate training company in Nigeria is designed in a way that creates enabling environment for identifying strength, weakness, opportunities, threats and  a holistic deployment of skills and talent  towards  personal and cooperate development.


Over time, Forward thinking companies have realized that the dynamics of effectively running a frontline company keep changing and  as a way to maintain  comparative advantage above competitors, they invest in cooperate training for their workforce as it helps them evolve and sustain influence, patronage or even market share.



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