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Public speaking is a vital component of executive presence. Leadership requires the ability to speak, inspire, motivate and persuade people to adapt new beliefs, changes or accept new direction for the organization. Hence, leaders must communicate creatively, consistently, and compellingly.

Public speaking skills are required for effective leadership. Presentation skills are required for the frequent meetings or luncheons that most leaders have to deal with as a norm. Whether it’s in politics, technology or business ecosystems- a leader’s ability to command attention, inspire action and provide clear direction can never be over emphasized…

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

Overcome anxiety and stage fright.

Use body language in projecting confidence and poise.

Use public speaking techniques effectively for making sound presentations.

Tell captivating stories.

This executive course is suitable for departmental leaders, directors, executives, managers and other professionals that wish to improve on their presentation and communication skills. This is a fast-paced and highly interactive course aimed at budding and aspiring leaders and those whose jobs require exceptional presentation and communication skills.

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