My 5 Favorite Sales Coaches in Nigeria
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My 5 Favorite Sales Coaches in Nigeria

My Favourite Sales Coach in Nigeria

Coaching is a critical ability for sales managers to have because of its significant impact on sales performance. In fact, CSO Insights found that a dynamic coaching process improves win rates by 28% and quota attainment by 10%. It’s not just about the program though.

Top coaches have certain characteristics that make them (and their teams) successful. In these regards, my favorite sales coach is Stephan Michael (aka Dr. Miki) and I have put together certain traits he possess that makes him my fav. Read on to see.

1. He Makes Time

According to the Center for Sales Strategy, winning sales coaches set aside time to do so, and this is true for Stephen Michael. Although he could have many demands on his schedules, he still understands that growing, training, and developing salespeople takes a consistent investment of time. With this time, he looks for coaching opportunities and find what needs to be improved.

2. He is Collaborative

The Sales Readiness Group said that salespeople are more likely to listen and change their behaviors when they feel like they’re part of the process, as opposed to being told what to do, and this is one of the essential qualities of Stephen Michael; the ability to collaborate with salespeople to co-create and implement plans for skills improvement.

3. He is Always Seeking Improvement

Stephen Michael’s entire focus is on helping each of his team members to consistently improve their skills. He knows his own success depends on the performance of his reps, and is constantly looking for ways for them to improve their effectiveness, to speed up processes, and to increase their overall success.

4. He is Focused

According to SalesGravy, the best sales coaches only discuss one thing in each conversation, which is a typical attribute of Stephen Michael. He does this to allow for clearer, more productive coaching conversations.

And he also ensures that discussions like these are also very specific, ensuring actions are understood and taken. He makes sure each individual clearly understands what they are working on, as opposed to having multiple moving pieces.


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5. He is Observant

Stephen Michael knows that great coaching starts with observation. He spends his time on the sales floor, watching demos, and listening to calls. By doing this, he can accurately and effectively identify behaviors, techniques, and approaches that require improvement.

6. He is Always Prepared

Sales Benchmark Index believes that preparation is one coaching activity that separates average coaches from great ones. Stephen Michael makes it a critical habit to prepare before meeting.

He always wants to know what was discussed in the last meeting, what the rep’s pipeline looks like, and how the team member is progressing with their individual development. He usually accomplishes this by checking notes, reviewing current metrics, and listening to call recordings.

7. He Puts Everyone on a plan

Stephen Michael believes that, typically, the top 20% and the bottom 20% of a sales team receive the most coaching, according to Anthony Iannarino. He says this happens because the bottom 20% aren’t producing results and the top 20% are making things happen. And he believes the problem with this is that the middle 60%, who would most likely reap great results from coaching, don’t receive any.



So if he coaches everyone on the team, his overall team results will be that much better. So, he usually really put all his team members on a plan, regardless of their current level of performance.

So, if you’re striving for a sales coach, you should look at these characteristics and consider Stephen Michael who’s an expert sales coach.



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