Do you desire to take control of your life and be more capable of holding the audience spell bound during your next presentation?

Do you sometimes feel like you need to learn more and improve on your ability to speak, write and, maybe, even earn from your ability to speak on stage?


Whether your goal is to engage in political or social debates, make a career as a motivational speaker or gain confidence in front of an audience to speak, inspire and impact on people’s lives — public speaking can help you meet your goal.


The problem is usually:

  1. You’re struggling with stage fright.
  2. You lack self-confidence.
  3. You are not comfortable speaking in front of an audience.
  4. You don’t know how to make or deliver a powerful speech.
  5. You need a more experienced mentor or coach to hold you by the hand.
  6. You want to try out your speaking skills in front of a real audience.
  7. And get professional feedback from your trainers.
  8. You don’t want a one day seminar – you want a complete training that addresses your issue completely.

Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for?

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If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then let me introduce you to our ONE MONTH PUBLIC SPEAKING AND PRESENTATION CERTIFICATE COURSE organized by the Fordax Public Speaking Lagos (AKA The Speech Masters Academy), Lagos.


This course is designed to help you:

  • Overcome stage fright very easily so you can stand confidently to speak in front of 50 or 500 people, anywhere, any time.
  • Build self-confidence so you can command boldness, eloquence and power on stage.
  • Be able to prepare and deliver powerful presentations in your business or social meetings.  
  • Be able to write and organize your speeches like a professional speaker following international standards.
  • Be able to communicate your ideas with eloquence & charisma so you can easily win people to your way and get more people to follow you.
  • Become a more interesting and persuasive speaker – no more being a boring person. No more having the awkward experience where you are speaking and people are dozing off to sleep or crashing their legs on the floor in utter boredom. Regain your power.
  • And lots more as the class gets interesting (it’s always an interactive class. You will see!)


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This is not like any other training you have attended before:

The Fordax Public Speaking School is established by Nigeria’s public speaking and sales expert, Stephen Michael. Stephen has over 8 years real world experience in the field of result oriented coaching, public speaking and marketing communications. As an executive presentation coach, Stephen helps people to get incredible results very quickly and with a daring level of certainty. In fact, the only reason why this program cannot transform you is if you never attended or you never did a thing you were taught to do, otherwise, results are 100% guaranteed!!!!


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Here are other ways this training is very different from the ones you may have attended in the past:

  • The duration is enough to get you the results you desire: You will receive practical training every week for one whole month (4 weeks) and still have access to use our facilities after your graduation.
  • Our programs are frea*** flexible: We have flexible classes – there are morning classes as well as evening classes from Monday to Friday. And yes, we have classes on weekend class on Saturdays too. There is option for private training or you may even chose a VIP option in the regular class and receive 5x more assistance from our dedicated team.
  • Speak in front of live audience: You will be given the opportunity to stand in front of a live audience in our academy to speak. After your speech you will receive feedback from the audience, your course mates and your trainer.
  • You will be awarded a professional Certificate: you will receive a professional certificate on public speaking from the Speech Masters Academy & Fordax Training Academy as well depending on your program.
  • You will make at least 10 new valuable friendships: You will meet new people who’re taking the course with you and you will be able to forge new relationships that can benefit you in the future. Our public speaking class usually pool valuable people who are as dedicated to their personal and professional goals as you are. You will no longer be alone in your journey to success.


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How much is this training?

We typically charge N65,000 – 90,000 for our public speaking training because of the value that we normally bring to our students.

But from the Month of January to March 2020, we’re giving a very huge discount to all new students who wish to attend our program.

We’re doing this because we just got a new facility and we want our new students to be the first to explore the facility, get our training at a very affordable price and also share their testimonials with many other people.

So if you take the right step right now and register with us this month, you will get: 

Class starts at 35,000 only.

The fee covers for training, materials and certificate only. No extra charges! No hidden charges!!

Do you want to attend a free public speaking class just to see how exactly we operate and maybe make up your mind?

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Read testimonials here.

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