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You can have a great business and it still fails. No business can survive without marketing; marketing defined is the act of promotion and selling of products and services. Marketing is the heart of every business, large and small business all involve in the marketing process. Without marketing, customers would have no idea of what product and services businesses sell. There are different types of marketing strategies, the goal of each marketing strategy is to drive sales and increase profits. In this article we will share our top tips for how to market your business online. Here it goes…

  • Build An Attractive Website:

Take for website to mean your brick and mortar shop, your website is what your shop is to you in the physical world. Your website is your first impression, it will either make customers stay or turn them away. Imagine your when a customer comes to your physical store and finds it in disarray, he would likely leave, your website can turn your customers away if it is unorganized and in disarray like a physical brick and mortar shop. You need a website that is easy to access on mobile phone, has a call to action, easy to navigate and uses attractive images, these are qualities of a website that would not turn customers away.

  • Ensure That Your Business Is Listed In Online Directories:

Imagine owning a dairy where you write down phone numbers, online directories works same way an offline dairy works, it is a listing for online websites. An online business listing is an online profile that contains business name, address, phone number, and other details. As we now know what online directories are, ensure that your business is listed in relevant directories. Make sure you add your business to directories that are relevant to your business and ensure you produce enough details about your business.

  • Understand Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the process of getting website visitors from results on search engines. Let’s say you deal on women wears and someone goes online and types in “dress for bridal parties” and your websites shows in the top search results that means you’re in the first pages of the search results. When people click on your site because it appeared top in the search results, this could mean new customers. Optimizing your website for the search engines could mean more traffic for your website, more customers and more exposure.

  • Build A Strong Social Media Presence:

To market online you have to create a social media strategy. Businesses are leveraging the available potential in the millions of people on social media. Social media might be overwhelming but with the right strategies you would coast through. Identify your target audience also identify which social media your customers use the most. Prioritize the social media platform you would focus on so you do not burn out.  There are strategies to succeed in the social media world, these strategies are; share useful or entertaining contents consistently, encourage people to share your contents around, use visuals as people love images and pictures, make your social media handles pretty, use Twitter headers and Facebook cover photos to communicate your brand, be authentic and professional, Engage with people, as people comment, reply or share your content, engage with them!, last but not least, be human; humanize your brand by being your authentic self.

  • Video Marketing:

People love videos, there are things they would not read but you’ll capture their attention with videos. Keep your videos short and straight to the point. Marketing your business is exciting as you can upload them on your social media pages, on YouTube and include them as part of your email marketing.

  • Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the use of email to market your business. Email can be a great way of capturing clients. Email marketing can be used to cultivate relationships with customers. To engage in email marketing you’re going to need a list of emails, you can offer incentives to those who sign up to your email list. Now that you’ve gotten your email list, think about what your audience would love to hear from you such as blog posts, exclusive content, downloads, coupons, discount codes, etc. keep your email regular but never bombard, you do not what your customers unsubscribing from your email list.

Marketing is an integral part of business; it is the life line of a business. At Fordax Marketing Agency, we implement these and more marketing strategies in marketing your business online.


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