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Passive Income For Professional Service Providers In Nigeria

Would you like to earn extra income working once and earning yearly with no extra work?

It’s very easy to get excited about the possibility of attracting high ticket clients as a professional service provider especially in Nigeria. Everyone thinks if we charge more money, we will make more money.


This I true, however, sometimes, another approach would be to create passive income machines that enable you to earn money without having to be working everyday of your life.


Professional service businesses require little startup capital and can be started anywhere with whatever you have at the point. All that is required is a client to buy your services. Many times, there’s no production cost as we see in manufacturing businesses for instance.


Our goal as professional service providers most times is to make or create passive income. This is also feasible in Nigeria whether you’re a photographer, accountant, fitness coach, writer, speaker or consultant.


We want to get to that point where even if we don’t physically show up or actively put in the work, we can still make money, even actually still be doing what we love – speaking, consulting etc.


Question is:


Is there a way for service providers to make money even if they’re not working?


The answer is YES.


Of course, this is not magic. It’s not some sort of fantasy. It’s an actual reality lived by many people throughout the world, even here in Nigeria.

It is called passive income.

Some people would put up a website and stock it with articles they wrote a long time ago. Articles that educate people but which also advertises a product or service.


They worked on it once — to create the products and articles.


But when people visit that website (which can be 24/7), and they like what they read and they clicked on ads placed on the website, they might end up buying stuff from the author (who might be somewhere in Ikeja having fun)


If the writer has used affiliate products, when visitors buy like Amazon products or ClickBank products or any other kind of affiliate product, the person who wrote those articles makes a commission. You know that right?


Imagine if the seller repeats this kind of sales in hundreds, if not thousands of times, in a given year. She’d make a lot of money working once, and earning forever.


Imagine working once, but making money many times over from the work you did.


This is passive income and this is why people are excited about affiliate income, online marketing of their products or simply creating sales funnels for their services.


Here’s a very important question:


What if you could be making 10x the amount of money from that same investment of time, effort and energy?


Wouldn’t you jump at that opportunity?


Let’s get practical here.


As a professional service provider in Nigeria, here are three critical questions you must ask yourself to this regard:


  1. How can I create and automate some digital products and services in such a way that I do them once, host them on the cloud where they keep on attracting clients who will be paying me while I am asleep?


  1. What other products created by other people can I start selling online – the person does all the work: creating the product, creating marketing materials, paying for hosting and everything else; while I just partner with him or her, sell the products on my platform or simply send traffic to the owner and earn a commission from every sales made?


  1. What’s going to be my fate if I for any reason could no longer afford to physically go to work? Wouldn’t be great to have other income streams that are not directly tied to my physical efforts?


If you’re looking to get help with creating and selling digital products or creative a passive income as a professional service provider in Nigeria – click here to chat with Miki.


PLEASE NOTE: we only help experts with real world experience and who posses value for the marketplace. Our typical client must be willing to invest money to make money. We do not promote get-rich-quick schemes, so if your idea of making money is to get rich over night, we cannot work with you. And if you do not have a budget to get started, we cannot work with you at this moment.


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