Looking for urgent 50k?

Pitch Or Ditch is a pitch show where contestants pitch for fund to support their business ideas or personal projects.

50k cannot solve your problems. We know that. We also know that in the hands of a responsible individual, 50k can be the start of an interesting project.

Every big idea starts small. Every good idea needs support.

So yea, this is not for you IF you do not in any way need 50k for anything. This is for the hundreds of young brilliant Nigerians who need 50k urgently and are willing to SPEAK and ask for it.

It’s that simple…

We won’t require a hefty business plan, or make you go through rigorous auditions. All we require is that you will be able to stand in front of 3 sponsors to ask for 50k to support or start your project and get it sent to your bank account the same day.

Interesting, right?

About the program

Pitch Or Ditch is a pitch show where contestants pitch for fund to support their business ideas or personal projects or humanitarian endeavors.

In this episode tagged “Urgent 50K”, 24 contestants will be selected to pitch their ideas and convince the Sponsors to give them 50k urgently.

Candidates are expected to convince the Sponsors that their business ideas or project is so important and deserving of the support; and they have to do this in less than 1 minute.  

Can they do that? We don’t know yet!  

For us, this program is not about the money – it’s about the game and thrills; it’s about creating awareness for what you do and telling the world that you’re open for their support or assistance.  

It’s about stepping up to yourself and pushing away the self doubts to finally have the boldness to walk onto the platform and request for 50k grant.

More importantly, it’s about finding some serious, young and enterprising Nigerians and supporting their projects or ideas.

Other benefits for winners!

Apart from the money, the winners will get the following benefits and opportunities

  • Business and entrepreneurship mentoring that’s worth 300k
  • Some business and personal development books
  • Free scholarship at the Fordax Public Speaking School
  • Free 1 year membership at the Growth Circle Business Forum
  • Personal contacts and connections with our sponsors
  • Free publicity on our different social media platforms

“Again for us, the show is not about the 50k. It’s about giving some young, brilliant and hardworking Nigerians the opportunity to step up, get noticed and also boost their network.”

Who can participate?

This program is for everyone looking for urgent 50k to invest in themselves, their business or personal projects. The person must be willing to pitch for it or ditch (give up). 

We’re looking for people who’re passionate, fun, hardworking, interesting and unashamed to tell the world about their project. Join for the fun of the game and aim for the money too.  

Criteria For Application

  1. Candidate must be based in Abuja or willing to come to Abuja for the pitch.
  2. Candidate must be between 18 and 30 years old.
  3. Candidate must be able to communicate in English language or Nigerian Pidgin English.
  4. Candidate must be willing to follow all our sponsors’ social pages (@FordaxMedia and @Samallenojifoundation). If you can’t do this, please do not apply.
  5. Candidate should have a project or business that he or she wants the money for.

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1. Fill this form now.

2. After filling the form, you will be redirected to answer and submit a few questions.

3. Check your email (inbox, spam, promotions) for our messages and further information


Do not send any form of direct messages on WhatsApp for any reason to the admin or organizers. Once you send any kind or any form of message, even if it’s for inquiries to the admin, you will be disqualified. You can send all messages to our official Instagram handle @FordaxMedia) or email address FordaxMultiMedia@Gmail.com. There’s no need for personal contact with the organizers.

Official sponsors


When is the application deadline?

Application for this episode will close on Friday December 10th 2021

Do I have to pay to register?

No. You are not required to pay to register for the show.

Will I ask people to vote and pay for me?

No. Votes are not needed for this episode.

Will I repay the money?

No. It’s a free grant. No repayment. Use it well.

What can I do to win?

Make your pitch convincing.

What date is the program holding?

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Time: 10am to 12pm

How do I know that I am qualified to pitch?

You will be contacted through the information you provided.

What date is the program holding?

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Time: 10am to 12pm