Boost your self confidence, master public speaking and persuasion skills

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N25,000 monthly

Everything you need to become a more confident, charismatic and powerful communicator and leader

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Power Trybe membership is for people who are looking to boost their self confidence, cultivate strong charisma and personal influence, and hone their public speaking skills to make positive impact.

N25,000 monthly

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Becoming a Fordax certified communicator gives you the credibility and endorsement you need to boost your personal and professional profile. Get 5 certificates in 5 months!

Why you need to join the Power Trybe

1. By becoming a Power Trybe member you gain access to the most comprehensive and result oriented coaching designed to help you excel in your business, your career, and your life.

3. Stephen Michael helps members of the Power Trybe develop real world skills that have a direct impact on income and personal growth, mostly on the area of public speaking, self confidence, and leadership influence.

2. The Power Trybe Membership program provides online video classes, live support and training, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people within our learning community.

4. The goal of the program is to provide members with the content, coaching and connections to help them master practical, real world public speaking, persuasion and leadership influence skills in a period of 5 months.  


Most frequent questions and answers

4 weeks. 1 coaching session per week. Saturdays by 6:00 – 8:00PM (WAT)

You will be giving a link to watch the session and participate in group discussion.

Yes, you can. However, that would be a private coaching session which would cost more money than the group fee.