Get practical ideas on public speaking and presentation skills…

Overcoming stage fright, building self confidence, making impromptu presentations, storytelling, how to engage and sustain audience attention, how to prepare and deliver interesting speeches, vocal variety and body language, how to make business presentations etc.


What You Will Learn In This Playbook:


  • You will know why Dr. Miki wants you to learn and master public speaking skills and the 7 transformations you should expect from his training.
  • You will learn how to transform & recreate your fears into positive energy known as courage. Discover how to turn your fears into strength.
  • You will learn how to prepare and deliver any presentation using simple methodologies used by many professional speakers around the world.
  • Discover how to deliver dynamic presentations that are interesting, engaging and memorable to the audience.
  • You will learn 8 ways to bring complex ideas to life & deliver memorable presentations any time. If you want people to keep inviting you again and again, read this chapter and close the book.
  • Say “NO” to unnecessary mistakes — learn these 13 public speaking errors that can ruin your presentations & how to quickly fix them.
  • Discover the six easy ways to speak off the cuff… even if you don’t know what to say. #1- #3 are magical and have been adopted by some of your respected idols.
  • Learn how to cultivate platform presence, poise & charisma so that people will love to listen to you and follow you as a person of influence.
  • Master vocal varieties & discover the different body postures for speakers and expert conversationalists. If you want to sound better as a speaker, read this chapter and close the book.
  • Learn how to sell your idea in 60 seconds especially if you’re gunning for funds or you’re going for a pitch competition.
  • Learn how to win the crowd to your side. You will discover the different ways to deliver campaign speeches that win the hearts and votes of people.
  • Learn how to go from an unknown person to becoming a trusted subject matter expert. If you’re still starting out, this chapter will help you gain clarity in a very short time.
  • Do you make PowerPoint presentations? Learn how to give an awesome presentation with visual aids.


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