If you'd like to master the ability to Sell Yourself anywhere, quickly sell Your Ideas And Your Products With Far Greater Success Than You Ever Imagined... then attend this training. Period!

Fordax is your trusted growth partner all the way – whether you want to empower your people, equip them for maximum performance or simply arm them with the right tools and kicks for success.

We provide training on public speaking  & presentation skills, sales & persuasion skills, digital marketing courses, leadership development and business growth strategies.



Revenue rises and falls on sales.

Ask yourself, what determine how much money comes into your business? It is nothing else but sales. Sales is what converts prospects into paying customers. Sales is what determines if you will be able to pay your next office rent with peace of mind or with sorrow in your heart. What kills revenue? Sales! Poor sales to be precise. So you’re not really out of money, you’re out of sales. Or you’re not even selling at all.

Your career/business success largely depends on it.

The ability to sell is the single most important skill for your career and or business success especially today. It wouldn’t matter how brilliant you are or how powerful your ideas are, if you don’t know how to convince people to buy into it.

Sales will change your life.

Sales training changed my life. I used to be young and naïve. I used to think having skills or competence is enough. Until I had some sales training, got my psychology shaped properly and started utilizing what I learned in sales classes. Today, I may not be the best trainer or consultant (no one really arrives) but I am certain, I am one of the best salespeople in my field with incredible results too.

"Everyone needs to learn how to sell themselves, whether it's to get a job or to promote their business or creative projects. This training will be very helpful for developing yourself and your pitch for getting clients or getting a new job."

4 session practical coaching on sales Skills & techniques

SELL Yourself Anywhere, Anytime

-- got a job interview, an important business meeting or an event with opportunity for networking with people? Would you like to know how to sell yourself without appearing arrogant, desperate or stupid?

SELL Your ideas to investors

-- got a script, a business idea, a tech or innovative idea that could be the next big deal? Would you like to learn how to easily and persuasively sell your ideas to prospective investors or partners?

SELL Your products Everyday

-- Got a great products or services you want to quickly put in the hands of customers and easily get paid for? Would you like to learn the proven strategies, tricks and techniques to sell professional services and products so you can be generating at least 6 figure a month?


-- even if you’re just starting today, doesn’t have a robust website and don’t have up to 30,000 in your bank account


Physical class. Live Program!

– 6TH, 13TH, 20TH & 27TH 2021

TIME: 4 – 7PM

FEE: N5000 per session

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE for spouses, force & security personnel (police, navy, army etc.), NGO full staff members, and full staff of religious organizations/ministries. Click here, send proof of your claim on WhatsApp and get a huge discount.




Before I attended the public speaking and sales training, I had issues with my confidence level and I don’t feel like I know how to be able to sell on stage. Initially I had doubts about the training but after the training my confidence level has increased. My life has improved very well and I would recommend this training to others who want to improve their ability to speak or sell.
Chris Enaholo
CFO, ProFinAd Nig. Ltd
My life is much better than before because I have somehow become more confident as a result of the training. The coaching experience with Stephen Michael is “worthwhile” He’s an excellent coach. I also recommend the training.
Adetunji Dawodu
Director/Admin., Lagos State Ministry of Justice
Before now I was so afraid of public speaking. The training impacted positively on me so I am very impressed. I recommend this training because it impacted on my skills.
Gimba Shamssuddeen Ya'u
Management Assistant NDIC Abuja​
I wanted to improve my public speaking ability and learn how to close more sales. Now I understand better how to engage with a crowed or with individuals in a presentation. My confidence got better and I also got more ideas on how to make sales presentations. I recommend the program to others because of what I learned in it.
Kikelomo Asemota
Regional Manager, ProFinAd Nig. Ltd
The training is very useful in addressing stage fright and lack of confidence. The training is also very interactive. I would recommend it to anybody that wants to be bold to address an audience. ​
Haroun Adebayo​
Assitant Director, Lagos State Ministry of Justice
All of my life I find it very hard to stand and speak before people. In fact, I refused to even try. But after Dr. Miki’s public speaking class my self-confidence improved and I began doing the impossible.
Ebube Stacia

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE for spouses, force & security personnel (police, navy, army etc.), NGO full staff members, and full staff of religious organizations/ministries. Click here, send proof of your claim on WhatsApp and get a huge discount.