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The number one problem many of our clients had that brought them to our public speaking training is FEAR.

Specifically, the fear of public speaking. This fear is the reason many people find it very difficult to express their thoughts clearly.


Once some people get on the stage and quickly notice the scary eyes – – the heart starts beating fast, perspiration starts; while some become overnight stutterers, others just have severe cold feet or knuckled knees.


This is serious.


This can happen to anyone – – highly trained military officers, successful business owners, intelligent civil servants – – no matter the title or achievement, it seems the fear of public speaking is a respecter of no one.

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Surprisingly, FEAR is not the only struggle when it comes to public speaking.

Fear is the easiest to identity but there are many other challenges associated with public speaking that’s getting in the way of many people’s success.


Take for instance, if you don’t know how to research your topic and develop a thoughtful presentation, or if you don’t know how to use storytelling to pass your information across.


What of people who don’t understand how to structure a their presentations so it can not only be effortless and pleasing to the ear but also flow in the way that makes it easy to recall.


There’s also the issue of carrying the audience along. First how do you research the audience to ensure you understand exactly how to communicate your thoughts in the way they’ll understand it? How do you ensure that they stay awake and keep listening to you assuming you’ll be speaking for over 45 minutes? How do you ensure the audience doesn’t get bored?


These are serious issues too.


Now, I’ve been a presentation and public speaking coach since 2011. That’s over a decade of practically helping people to improve on their public speaking skills.

I’ve seen a lot of things and have helped a lot of people in the process.


Here’s what I can quickly say about MASTERING PUBLIC SPEAKING:


  1. Start with the basics.

Don’t rush into complex forms of communication until you properly understand the essential stuff — how to build self confidence, how to begin a speech, how to tell interesting stories, how to research the topic and how to spice the conversation.



  1. Do a lot of practice.

Public speaking is a skill just like cooking or driving… You get better with consistent practice especially if you have a coach today guide you.



  1. Dare yourself.

Many things you’ll be asked to do in a typical public speaking class will challenge you. You may not feel comfortable doing them but you still have to dare yourself to do them no matter how it feels at first.


  1. When it comes to public speaking (just like any other skills) your coach and yourself are critical factors in the process. You need a good coach and you yourself need to be in your best behavior. Passionate and humble people are more likely to get better faster than those who come with “I too know” mentality.


  1. If you must learn public speaking, LEARN IT COMPLETELY not half done.

What’s the point in having half baked information when you could just spend some time and master the whole thing at once?

2 days seminars can’t lead to mastery. You need enough time to learn, unlearn and practice.


This is why Fordax Training Academy is the best place to learn public speaking skills.


Just like Toastmasters & Dale Carnegie Institute Fordax provides practical coaching and training on public speaking and presentation skills for 4 weeks. Fordax is a Nigerian based training company with great focus on the mastery of great skills for personal and professional success.


To register with Fordax in Lagos or Abuja visit here or call 07035957197

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