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Read this is you’re looing to train your employees on sales, marketing and public speaking skills.

Why Is This Training Important?

One of the skills your employees need in this critical time is the ability to prepare and deliver brilliant presentations with confidence. With this all important skills, they can persuade, inspire and communicate better with people.

Public speaking has become a very crucial skill.

More than ever before, your employees need to learn, develop and harness their ability to speak and communicate effectively.

Each day they are required to communicate at home, at work, at their children’s schools, places of worship etc. And a majority of them struggle to deal with the anxieties that come with speaking especially on stage with lots of people watching them.

Your employees need to stand out, convey their information clearly and with confidence, and they also need to be able to communicate their thoughts with eloquence. None of these can be achieved without a proper training like the type we offer at Fordax.


In today’s competitive global economy and technology driven workplace, knowledge is power and soft skills (such as communication skills) are indispensable.


The Fear of Public Speaking is one of the most common fears that many of your employees may have.

It affects their everyday interactions with others at work and at home. For many of them, it’s a secret struggle that has brought many moments of shame and embarrassment.

As an organization that values its people, we are certain that you would want to do something about this particular problem.

Your organization can help by partnering with our company to create and deliver tailored training and coaching solutions that address these challenges, whether it’s with public speaking or sales skills.

What We Propose    

We would like to partner with your organization/company to organize training programs for your employees once or more every year.

Our training will help them improve their skills in the areas of public speaking, presentation and communication skills, and also in the area of selling, persuasion or business communication.

With our classes, they will overcome the fear of public speaking, boost their self-confidence; be able to prepare and deliver speeches; and generally improve their ability to communicate, and make presentations ANYWHERE.

Train your employees on public speaking, sales and business communication skills
Train your employees on public speaking, sales and business communication skills

Our company training will help your employees to achieve three key things:

  1. Build confidence – because confidence is key in any workplace, your employees need to be confident in their opinions, ideas, and suggestions. Through our public speaking classes, your employees will become more confident so that they can communicate with greater self of confidence and boldness.
  2. Gain clarity — Through our public speaking training, your employees will learn how to structure their ideas and thoughts so that they are clear and easy to understand. They will be able to speak in such a way that the audience will not only understand their points but also desire to hear them speak more often.
  3. Communication Strategies – Our public speaking classes will help your employees with some tactics and strategies that make public presentations truly captivating, engaging and outstanding. They will learn to make eye contact, use their body language and hand gestures correctly, listen to understand, use Ice breakers, use storytelling and a lot more.
Watch some testimonials here or here.

How we can deliver our training to you

Our training programs are flexible and we have created some other options that your employees can easily take advantage of.

  1. In-House Training – we can organize tailored courses on public speaking, effective presentations, sales or business communication skills for your organization. We deliver these classes at your office on any determined date and time. This can be as short as a 30 minute session and as long as a weekly session for 6 months. It all depends on how much time your organization can spare.
  2. Private coaching sessions – For more personalized, convenient, flexible and private coaching experience, you can book for a private session. While it typically costs more than the group program, the beauty of a private session is in the flexibility and convenience.
  3. Group training – perhaps you have some people you prefer to send to our school so they can join our monthly group classes at the office. They can join our program together with other registered students of the month.


Is this something that would benefit your employees?

Do you want your employees to become powerful stage speakers who command the attention and admiration of their audience?

If you want to send your team for public speaking training, Fordax Public Speaking School offers public speaking and presentation classes that are perfect for your needs!

For more information on these exciting classes, connect with us through the contact below.

About The School

Fordax Training Academy is a nationally recognized leader empowering people with world-class information, skills, training and certification.


We provide professional coaching, training and workshops on public speaking, presentation skills, and sales and business presentation skills in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, Awka and other cities where we have offices.


Fordax works with busy executives, government parastatals, professionals, civil servants, bankers, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, health care practitioners, just to name a few, to help their employees improve on their communication and presentation skills.

As a training company, we have more than 18 years combined professional training experience. And we have more than 14 professional trainers and coaches working with us in major cities in Nigeria.

We’re ready to deliver executive training experience that are customized to meet your needs ANYTIME.

Fordax Training for employees
Client practicing his presentations

Office Address:

Brix Academy — #2 Etang Obuli Crescent, Beside Briscoe Motors, Jabi, Abuja


Fordax Office – 2nd Floor, Olatunji House, Maryland, Lagos

PHONE: 07035957197 |


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