Would you like to travel the world, speak on stage, command influence and get people begging to see you after you speak?

If you want to travel the world, share your message on stage, impact lives and become a celebrity in your own right…


Then our 1 month public speaking and presentation school is for you.

Here are some of the things you will be learning in these 4 weeks



Genesis – getting it right

  • Understanding the history of oratory down to contemporary times.
  • Understanding the uses of oratory in ancient times.
  • Women in public speaking history and what that means to the world.


Why we want you to learn public speaking  

  • 4 powerful reasons why anyone should be pleased to learn public speaking. Once you understand the WHY you can broaden your vision and see the big picture of your latest skill as a public speaker.
  • 10 multi million careers you can pursue as a public speaker. If you’re hoping to make more impact, travel the world and make money speaking… this is the foundation class you need to pay attention to.


The purpose of public speaking

  • Understanding public speaking as a form of expression – in its basic, nature speaking is an ART. It’s the way we express ourselves. It’s the means through which we share ideas or challenge thoughts. Knowing how to use this is fundamental to your success on stage.
  • Entertain. Inform. Knowing when to educate, entertain or teach, in fact, most importantly, knowing HOW to use these 3 factors in a singular presentation is what makes you a great speaker.
  • Understanding how to use public speaking with a purpose.


The myths of public speaking

  • Unveiling the 11 dangerous myths that hold many speakers back from delivering great presentations. #1, #2, #5 and #8 may come as a shock but they contain vital lessons every speaker must treasure.
  • Dealing with misconceptions and developing the character to speak with eloquence.




Fright, Flee Or Roar: exactly what it takes to win over fear of public speaking in any place, any time even if you don’t think you can.

  • What causes the fear of public speaking? After training more thousands of students on public speaking and collecting their answers to this question, we know we have finally cracked the answer. Find the answers as we share them in this class.
  • 12 proven tips and techniques for overcoming fear consistently. It’s not about winning over fear once, it’s about being able to do it again and again… with more certainty.
  • 3 things to avoid when dealing with stage. Number one is to avoid holding a paper in your hand while on stage. It makes the shaking obvious and also gives you away to the audience. Do you want to know what the remaining two are? Be in class.
  • 3 guaranteed strategies for winning over fear and delivering speeches with greater confidence. One of these strategies is to prepare adequately. The problem is many people don’t know what “preparation” really is and what it entails. What should you do while preparing? How should you gather materials? What needs to be in that material? How do you know when you are ready? These and many more will be explored in class.
  • Neuro Linguistic Techniques for handling fears born of bad experiences. NLP is a field of study which identifies how our minds and language affects our nervous systems and in turn determines how we feel and what we do… and the results we get in life. This singular “technology” is widely used today by professional coaches to help people with emotional traumas and psychological problems.


The Art Of Self-Confidence 

  • You will learn how to build self confidence, take charge of your life and speak with more charisma.
  • 5 things killed my confidence, and are currently killing yours. You will be shown how to easily terminate them.
  • 3 simple but not so easy keys to self confidence. This is what many professional speakers know and do to stand out.


Speech Writing: how to do it like pro

  • How to easily come up with a speech by sketching on paper.
  • 6 ways to write a speech that wins applause and admiration.
  • What to avoid when writing official speeches.


Speech Structure & Organization

  • How to easily construct and structure a speech. How you arrange the speech will determine the effect it can have on your audience.
  • How to organize a speech in a meaningful way using some pro communication tips not commonly taught in school.
  • 4 speech patterns you can use to sound like a professional speaker in any program you’re invited to speak.



Ablaze Their Heart – Secrets To Motivational Speaking

  • Understanding human beings and their drive.
  • 6 surprising truths about human beings and why they feel and act the way they do.
  • 10 ways to motivate and inspire people even if you haven’t done it before.
  • How to engineer persuasion into a speech.
  • There are 5 killers of motivation, the #3 is more rampant and is the reason why many people cannot motivate others. You will learn these and what to do about them.


Glued: how to engage and sustain audience attention

  • How to attract audience attention in 5 strange ways. Attention is a very scarce commodity. In this class you learn how to get attention without losing your self-respect.
  • And it also important to learn how to sustain audience attention while speaking by using these psychological tricks. So that people don’t get bored or fall asleep while you’re speaking. You will learn a total of 11 strategies for engaging and keeping audience attention.


Diction and Elocution

  • English is not our mother tongue. So we make out time to learn how to wedge words like the sword of a master. We learn to use words that are clear, concise… words that play like sweet melodies to the ear.
  • You will learn new words and how to use them.
  • You will learn how to say things with grace and grandeur… so that people love the way you talk and enjoy your flow.
  • You will learn to articulate yourself clearly and with better word choice.



Politeness –the language and act

  • How to sound polite in English language.
  • What you need to say when you want to correct people without hurting them.
  • How to speak in public without appearing rude.


Delivery 201: how to deliver a good presentation

  • Learn how to stand and deliver your presentation with poise.
  • Discover 6 mistakes to avoid while speaking on stage. These mistakes can ruin your presentation and cost you a lot as a speaker.
  • Master some delivery techniques for different occasions.


Case Studies in Public Speaking — Samples of public speaking speeches and events. Etc.


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