Does your child feel nervous when they’re asked to speak in front of people?

Our Public Speaking Training will help your child to overcome stage fright, build self confidence, cultivate social and leadership skills and master public speaking skills.

The summer public speaking program is… 

Children who are taught public speaking can perform better in social activities such as public debates, oratory contests, class presentation and these children can stand in the marketplace to defend themselves and command influence as educated, eloquent and well trained youths in the society.

The objective of this curriculum is to provide teenagers between the ages of 10 and 17 in Abuja with comprehensive training in public speaking, social networking skills, and leadership development. By the end of this program, participants will have the confidence to speak effectively, build positive social connections, and develop leadership qualities.

Who we are?

Fordax Academy is a professional training company that provides training on public speaking, social skills and leadership development programs for adults and children. Fordax is known as the leading public speaking school in Abuja that provides practical training and coaching with guaranteed results.

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The summer public speaking program, Abuja by The Fordax Public Speaking School...

This is NOT an online program. It is on-site (physical) at our training center in Abuja.

Every Tuesday & Thursday in August 2023 by 10AM – 12PM

Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Icebreaker activities and introduction to the program
  • Understanding the importance of communication
  • Building self-confidence through fun exercises and games

Overcoming Stage Fright

  • Understanding and addressing common fears
  • Fun relaxation techniques and breathing exercises
  • Building confidence through role-play and small group presentations

Speaking with Clarity And Confidence 

  • Developing clear pronunciation and articulation
  • Practicing speaking with appropriate volume and pace
  • Fun tongue twisters and vocal warm-up exercises

Storytelling and Creative Expression

  • Exploring the power of storytelling
  • Developing imaginative and creative stories
  • Delivering stories with enthusiasm and expression

Personal Development & Leadership 

  • Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness
  • Understanding personal strengths and talents
  • Developing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Cultivating a positive self-image
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving:
  • Developing critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Applying problem-solving strategies in various situations

Networking Skills For Young Adults  

  • Socialization – benefits and dangers 
  • Creating a positive first impression and lasting connections
  • Maintaining relationships and nurturing professional networks
  • Responsible and safe use of social media platforms
  • Networking Events and Professional Etiquette:
  • Preparing for networking events and conferences
  • Seeking mentorship opportunities and guidance

The Youngster Public speaking club will help your children to:

Improve their public speaking & presentation skills

Build self-confidence & positive attitude

Practice presenting in front of people

Practice leading & acting skills

Improve their leadership and social skills

Access attention and support from our coaches

our training & coaching will help kids...


5/6 weeks

Regular Fee


Early bird - 50% discount


Ends Friday July 21st 2023

Effective public speaking and presentation skills


Poise, Presence & Charisma

Persuasive, Motivational & Inspirational Presentation


To Register For The 4 Saturdays Advanced Course On Public Speaking




After the transfer, kindly send your proof of payment via WhatsApp to Dr. Miki 07035957197. You will be added to the discussion group upon confirmation of payment.


Most frequent questions and answers

Children between 10 to 17 years can join the public speaking training. 

Regular = N50,000

Early bird = N25,000 (Ends Friday July 21st 2023)

Yes, our academy offers certificates or awards when the children meet some milestones that are designed in the training curriculum. These milestones are based on their practices and performances.

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